Our play based curriculum provide a framework to facilitate child growth and development across developmental areas. We provide a dynamic learn through play curriculum designed to foster the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of the children we serve and prepare them to succeed in a diverse and changing world.

We create an environment where kids learn to create, collaborate, think critically, and explore learning at their own pace. We play to learn, and students are exposed to: a variety of age-appropriate lessons, other children of diverse backgrounds, and practical skills like Spanish language learning. Students actively pose problems, explore solutions, and develop an understanding of real world concepts. At Kids of Excellence your child will use the power of imagination to approach academic lessons. Our students learn about math through dramatic play in our pretend grocery store; they develop self-awareness through finger painting self-portraits, and they collaborate in groups to foster a sense of community and comradery. At Kids of Excellence, we explore different cultures through language lessons in Spanish, but we also discuss our feelings in order to practice communication and empathy.

We are committed to integration of art, music, stem, technology, and second languages. We incorporate daily art, music, stem learning, and a bi-lingual library through our Frog Street Curriculum.