The frog street curriculum 

Frog Street was built by early childhood educators, focusing on the philosophy that childhood is a period of incubation. With so much to learn and such a short period of opportunity, Frog Street mission is to help teachers and caregivers make the journey both joyful and purposeful. Below are a few highlights of Frog Street's curriculum.  


Joyful Environment

Children are joyful creatures. Frog Street's curriculum and resources are designed to tap into a child’s nature and create a joyful experience the curriculum is filled with songs, music, hands-on materials and activities, chants, games, and dramatic play, designed to stimulate a child’s imagination, helping make each day a wonderful one!


Intentionality of Instruction

All of the curriculum and programs are aimed at one thing: igniting the minds of young children by fostering their academic, social and emotional growth through purposeful lessons and materials that intentionally produce a positive outcome. 


Bilingual Instruction

Frog Street programs offer instruction with teacher dialogue in both languages for ease of teaching in bilingual classrooms.


Professional Development

Frog Street offers training both onsite and at their annual Splash conference to help each educator hone their skills at providing differentiated instruction and a joyful approach to learning.

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